Landmark Academy is the BEST choice because...

Landmark Academy provides a safe and nurturing learning environment that promotes individual giftedness and talents in all of our students. Every teacher receives training to meet individual student learning styles, which facilitates an environment where all students can succeed. Landmark Academy believes in setting high standards for our students and has developed learning targets/objectives based on the current State adopted standards. Teachers also use 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to incorporate character education into the classroom. We believe this instruction promotes productive citizens and life-long learners. 

Get the facts! - Common Misconceptions about Landmark Academy 

  • Christian/Religious school - Landmark Academy is a public school
  • There is a cost to attend - Landmark Academy is a tuition-free public school
  • Uniform policy - Landmark Academy has a dress code
  • School for students with past problems - We have many different students with diverse backgrounds
  • School does not accept all students - All students are welcome to apply for enrollment
  • School does not adhere to state benchmarks/testing - As a public school, we are required to teach the state curriculum and are held accountable by state assessments.
  • Staff is not certified - Highly qualified and certified staff 
  • Students are required to go to a school within their district - You have a choice! Landmark Academy is your school of choice!

What sets Landmark Academy apart from other schools?

Our school focuses on Data and Teaming.  The teachers spend a lot of time with their grade level teachers to discuss each child and what that child needs to succeed.  The teachers then “team” together to provide the instruction for that child.

Teaming further explained:

Teaming means that we pair groups of teachers with groups of students. Teaming allows teachers to discuss the students they have in common, which allows them to establish better teacher-student relationships. Once there is a better relationship, teachers will have an improved understanding of the students and their specific learning needs. Instead of just having one teacher make their assessment on how a student can improve learning, we have found greater success by having a “team” of teachers work with students. 

Contact us at 810-982-7210 to learn about what makes us so successful!

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