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We value what others think of our school and want to share their thoughts with you.  There really is no better compliment than a 5 star review and a referral to our school.  Landmark Academy strives toward Academic Excellence and invites you to read what others are saying about us.  Please contact us at (810)982-7210 for any additional questions.

Posted September 12, 2014 - a parent

Landmark is a amazing school this year i have a 5th Grader and a 1st Grader and they have both excelled tremendously! A few of my favorite things are #1 the class sizes they are small #2 Amazing staff, i see a team of staff that work together! #3 they teach kids charter and how to be leaders. #4 not much HOMEWORK!! yay!! Most of the teachers we have had believe that after school family time is very important. They are in school for like 7 1/2 hrs for goodness sakes why should they come home with hrs of homework? The teachers do a great job keeping me up to date on what they are teaching so we can discuss with our children at home. I'm surprised at some of the the comments below, I find these days when people have problems with something they go to everyone but the source that could help change things or answer questions. I have seen countless times people complain on social media or to others gossiping but never going to seek help for the issue at hand. All that being said Landmark is a great school and every year there scores are going higher and kids are improving academically and through their charter. You could not pay me to send my kids else where!

Posted July 28, 2014 - a parent

After reading some if the lower scores on here I was shocked by the amount of incorrect information given. There is discipline in the school and children are held accountable. If a child is causing a disturbance the teacher feels is too much for them to handle, the student is sent to a room known as the AR ( accountability room). There they are allowed to cool down and a consequence is given based on the action. I feel the amount of classes offered are very competitive and the class sizes are much smaller than the public schools. High schoolers can even attend the tech center through this school. Not to mention the special scholarships that are available for graduates from charter schools! Don't believe these lower ratings, this is a great school!

Posted May 21, 2014 - a parent

Landmark Academy is a wonderful school. My wife and I have two kids who attend in the elementary building. I've been so impressed with the care and personal interest the teachers and administrators have taken in their success. I would highly recommend this school!

Posted May 21, 2014 - a community member

Landmark Academy is a wonderful choice for people in our community. Many people think that Landmark costs money to attend and that it is associated with a church. I have learned that Landmark Academy is tuition FREE and a public school. They follow their mission and build good character and leaders at their school. I highly recommend this school to children of all ages.

Posted May 21, 2014 - a parent

Landmark Academy has been an excellent choice for our family. We chose Landmark because of their concept that every child learns differently and the focus to help them learn according to the child's learning style. All of our children have had excellent teachers. They have all shown an interest for our kids to excel and there has been evidence of the love they have for teaching. The support staff has always been friendly and helpful to us. Administration seems to be willing to partner with parents if there is a concern and seem to show signs of trying to improve Landmark every year. We have been over all content at Landmark and will be here for a long time.

Posted February 13, 2014 - a parent

We moved to the Port Huron area from Canada several years ago and toured PHASD schools, a private school and Landmark Academy with my children. My children chose Landmark over all the other schools. The campuses are very new, clean, modern and secure/safe. Our children have attended the Elementary school, Middle and High school. The teachers and administration have always gone above and beyond to team with my husband and I in the education of our children. The school holds the students to high expectations in behavior and character and does a good job in these areas. The Middle and High School have an excellent sports program that has a terrific athletic director. The music director for the Middle and High school is amazing. The PTO at this school do an excellent job also. The lunch program is very good. I would recommend this school definitely!!

Posted April 17, 2013 - a parent 

I love Landmark Academy. They are very supportive of my child and the class sizes are manageable for the teachers. My daughter started out the school year in kindergarten at a public school that had 30 kids in one class with a helper that rotated through the classes. Landmark has a teacher and an assistant in each of the kindergarten classrooms. They have helped us with any concerns that we have had throughout the year, and the communication has been great. Highly reccomend this school.

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