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Bus transportation is an important function of Landmark Academy. Bus transportation is NOT mandated by law but provided as a service to the students of the District. For transportation to work, we must have the cooperation of parents, students, drivers and administration of the District. We believe the information contained in this policy will help everyone understand the complexity and importance of pupil transportation.

The Michigan Department of Education, the Legislature, and the Michigan State Police also develop rules and regulations that govern the activities of the Transportation Department; included are fully trained drivers about safety procedures and regulations concerning school bus transportation. Our buses are equipped with video cameras that may be in use at any time. All administrative decisions made after review are final.

Transportation Department Bus Rules

Responsibilities of Drivers
• Drivers will drop off students at parent-designated location or at school unless the health and/or safety of the students on the bus are in jeopardy.
• Drivers will not transport students in a vehicle other than a Landmark Academy Bus.
• Drivers will enforce Department policy for student crossing procedure, which includes proper use of a hand signal.
• Drivers will inform Landmark Academy administration as soon as possible when route times are affected due to unforeseen circumstances.
• In case of injury, drivers will fill out an incident report and turn it in to Landmark Academy administration.
• Drivers are in charge of all passengers and will maintain order on the bus at all times.
• Drivers will inform Landmark Academy administration as soon as possible when a student is having a problem.
• Drivers will work with the Transportation Coordinator and Building Administrator to assure that students are disciplined appropriately when they violate bus rules.
• Bus evacuation drills will take place three times per year, in the morning upon arrival at school.

Responsibilities of Students
• Students will respect the bus driver at all times.
• Students will behave in a manner which allows the driver to safely operate the vehicle.
• Students will be assigned seats and will not move around on the bus.
• Students will not stand while the bus is moving.
• Students need to arrive at the bus stop (Hub stop) 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
• Students will wait 10-15 feet back from the roadway while waiting for the bus.
• Students will wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting on or off the bus.
• When crossing is necessary and permitted, a student will always cross 10 feet in front of the bus after waiting for the driver’s hand signal.
• Students will keep entire body, including hands and heads inside the bus at all times (no hanging out of the bus).
• No talking is permitted at railroad tracks for safety reasons (Stop, Look, Listen).
• Students will not use loud, inappropriate and/or profane language.
• Students may not scream, yell, whistle, or make any other noises that are distracting to the driver.
• Students will not eat, drink, or chew gum on the bus.
• Students will pay for any damages they cause on any bus, including writing on or poking holes in seats, or damaging any part of the bus.
• Students will never throw anything in the bus or out the window of the bus.
• Students will sit facing forward, keeping aisles clear.
• Students are assigned to one bus only and cannot switch without a formal request and approval from the Transportation Coordinator.
• Students may not leave the bus through the emergency door except in an emergency.
• There will be no spitting, biting or physical contact on the bus.
• Students may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages. Students shall not possess, smoke, or chew tobacco, vape, or possess or use any other drugs on buses.
• Students shall not possess or use cigarette lighters, matches, or other flammable items on buses.
• Live pets or insects cannot be transported on a school bus.
• Weapons of any kind are not permitted on a school bus.
• Public displays of affection are not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. This could result in automatic suspension off the bus.
• No glass containers or bottles are allowed on buses at any time.
• All belongings, including band instruments, are to be held on the student’s lap during transportation. No belongings may occupy a seat. All belongings must fit on a student’s lap and below the top of the seat due to safety reasons.
• Students at a bus stop must NEVER go to the mailbox while the school bus is at the stop,
they should remain at the designated loading spot.
• Students are allowed personal use of electronic devices while on the bus. They must use earphones/ear buds and keep their own electronic for their own use.
• When using electronic devices on a bus, NO picture-taking or video taking is allowed at any time.
• Books are allowed to be out on the bus.
• The use of crutches is not allowed on the bus for safety reasons.
• All other belongings must always remain inside of students’ backpacks or bags during a bus route.

Responsibilities of Parents
• Parents will ensure that their child(ren) arrive at the bus stop (Hub stop) 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
• Parents must provide the necessary supervision needed by their child(ren) going to and from the bus stop.
• Parents will accept joint responsibility with the school authorities for the proper conduct of their child(ren).
• Parents will review the Rules of Transportation with their child(ren) and cooperate with disciplinary action.
• Parents will meet with those responsible for Pupil Transportation whenever requested.
• Parents may not send a note for the driver requesting students to ride a different bus, or for a friend to ride. Please see section titled “When Bus Changes Are Needed”.
• Parents need to fill out and submit the form confirming that they have read and will abide by the rules of Transportation. If a form is not on file, the bus seat offer will be revoked.

Responsibilities of Landmark Academy
• Landmark Academy will establish bus (Hub) stops that meet the provisions of the Department of Education and the Michigan State Police.
• Landmark Academy will not render bus service to non-school sponsored activities.
• The School District will not pick up students on private roads, drives or streets. Students must be taken to a designated Hub stop to be provided transportation service. Landmark Academy is unable to accommodate door to door stops.
• Landmark Academy is NOT responsible for the behavior of students at the Hub stop. Parents/guardians are responsible for students until they board the bus.
• In the event weather conditions cause school to be cancelled, the following will be contacted so parents can be notified of the cancellation of school:
   o Television: Channel 2-Detroit, Channel 4-Detroit, Channel 7-Detroit
   o Radio: Radio First Stations
   o Web: www.landmarkacademy.net
   o Skylert: phone and email contact

Violation of Bus Rules
Should a student violate a bus rule, a Misconduct Report will be issued. Violations and steps the violation procedure follows is dependent upon the severity of the violation. The Transportation Coordinator or Building Administrator assigns consequences for student bus rule violations. All school building rules apply to students using school transportation. Students may receive consequences for inappropriate behavior beyond transportation consequences determined by the Building Administrator.

This system will keep parents informed if their child(ren) does not
conduct themselves properly, thus allowing the parents to take corrective action before more serious problems are encountered. Any violation of these rules by students during the last 2 (two) weeks of school may be carried over and charged to students the next school year. Any time a student feels he/she has been wrongly issued a Misconduct Report, the report may be appealed in the following order:
1. Building Administrator
2. Superintendent
3. CEO of Summit Management
4. Board of Directors

Lost and Found Articles
All lost and found items remain on buses temporarily. Drivers will turn all found/unclaimed items into Hospitality. It is helpful to place names on all articles sent to school with your child(ren). All articles of clothing, not claimed after one month, will be donated to a local charity.

Transportation Guidelines
The primary goal of the Transportation Department is to safely transport students to and from Hub stops to school and school to Hub stops. The following information is being provided to acquaint you with District guidelines and procedures related to bus routes and Hub stops. Guidelines may be updated by the Transportation Coordinator, Superintendent, Administration, and Board of Directors. Please keep in mind that parents are responsible for getting children safely to and from the Hub stops, and any supervision required at the hub stop. Bus routes will be planned to achieve maximum safety of operations with maximum economy within the limitations of rules and regulations governing transportation.

Transportation services must also be efficient and cost effective.
• Routes are planned to keep individual riding distance and time to a practical minimum. One hour and 15 minutes is the goal for maximum riding time for a pupil going to or from school. (These time limitations are goals and will be implemented to the extent possible).
• In establishing bus schedules, the objective is to arrange for buses to arrive at school no later than seven to ten minutes before the scheduled beginning of classes.
• All pertinent rules and regulations of the State of Michigan and its agencies are followed.
• Non use of assigned bus seats could result in the loss of transportation privileges.

Transportation Procedures
Michigan laws have a significant impact on our operating procedures. These regulations include distance requirements that are intended to assure that buses operate in a safe manner and can be easily seen by approaching motorists. The two fundamental criteria used in determining bus routes and stops are safety and efficiency of scheduling.

Safety of routes/Hub stops
• State laws related to school bus transportation must be met.
• Consistent pick-up and drop-off locations are required. There may be a different pick-up location than drop-off, but each must be the same every day.
• Hub stops will be permanent whenever practical, allowing the public to become familiar with stop locations.
• A designated person MUST meet K-1 students at their stop. This person’s name MUST be on file with the transportation department. There must be at least one designated person present and visible at the stop. If a designated person is not present at any of the hub stops, the driver will notify administration and bring the student back to school. We do not have
staff at our building to supervise students after bus routes, so our administration will contact the Sheriff Department for assistance.

  • Efficiency of routes
    • Roads must be at least 22 feet wide.
    • Roads must provide a location for change of bus direction with no backing.
    • Roads must have adequate shoulders to allow the bus to pull off the roadway.
    • Roads must be kept clear of snow, sleet, ice, vehicles, and other obstructions that would prevent safe travel of school busses.
    • Buses will not travel on private roads, or dead-end roads.

  • Parent Responsibilities
    • Parents/guardians are responsible to make sure their children get to and from the designated hub stop safely, and supervise their student as needed.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for selecting their children’s walking routes to and from hub stops, schools and home.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for providing supervision that is appropriate to the student’s age, maturity, and conditions that exist on the walk route AND at the stop.
    • Parents/guardians must know their children’s bus color code and stop location.
    • Parents/guardians must know the bus rules and review them with their children.
    • Parents and students need to fill out the form confirming that they are aware of and will follow transportation rules/guidelines. Bus seat offers will be revoked if said form is not on file with the Transportation Coordinator.
    • Parents/guardians should direct walk route safety concerns to the association or law enforcement agency responsible for the specific location/area.

At the Hub Stop
Students need to be at the hub stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Buses cannot wait for late students and will not return to pick them up when they have missed the bus. Students need to be waiting for the bus; the bus cannot wait for students. For the safety of all concerned, students are required to stay a minimum of 10-15 feet away from the designated pickup stop while waiting for the school bus. Vehicles are required to stop a minimum of 20 feet away from the bus. 

When Bus Changes Are Needed
Bus transportation is primarily designed for the transport of students from hub stop to school and school to hub stop. Stops must be the same location every morning and the same location every afternoon. If permanent changes are needed (a different daycare for example) parents must submit a request to the Transportation Coordinator. The request will be reviewed, and notification will be made if a change can be accommodated. This process can take up to two weeks to complete. There must be a compelling reason for any change. Students are not allowed to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. If a child needs to go to a friend’s house, parents must make alternate transportation arrangements. If a student requires notification during the school day regarding whether they are to ride or not ride the bus home in the afternoon, please notify both the teacher/s and our Hospitality staff as soon as possible, or at least an hour before dismissal.

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