Careers at Landmark

Substitute at Landmark Academy


Landmark Academy utilizes the company ESS/WillSub for employment as a substitute teacher.  There are procedures that must be followed first through ESS/WillSub before you access Landmark Academy information below.  Please contact ESS/WillSub at: to fill out an application through ESS/WillSub.

Instructions for Substitute Teachers

1.  Complete the online application process for ESS/WillSub at:
2.  Contact St. Clair County RESA at (810) 364-8990 to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken.  There is a $55.00 fee and you will need to bring your Driver’s License.
3.  If you have been fingerprinted through another school district, download the Criminal History Release Form.  Send this form to your former school district requesting that they they send a copy of your fingerprints to Landmark Academy.
4.  ESS/WillSub will be notified by Landmark Academy once you are cleared for eligibility by St. Clair County RESA.
5.  ESS/WillSub will contact you via email to complete the second phase of paperwork.
6.  Once ESS/WillSub has processed all of your paperwork, you and Landmark Academy will be notified via email that you are in compliance and may contact Landmark Academy.