We believe that proper attire is important for establishing a safe environment conducive to learning. The Landmark Academy dress code has been developed with that in mind. If a student reports to school out of the dress code, the classroom teacher or student will:
1. Call home for proper attire
2. Borrow item from school if available
3. Work in the office or designed area until corrected

Any mode of dress which is conspicuous and brings undue attention is improper – if in doubt, do not wear it.


• Students are to be neat and clean to the best of their ability which is healthy and courteous.
• Shirts/blouses must have a collar, be any solid color (no stripes, graphics, patterns, etc.), and may have short or long sleeves. Turtlenecks are also acceptable.
• Small, name brand logos are acceptable, no larger than one square inch. Students may wear Landmark Academy logo attire on any day if the shirt has a collar.
• Vests, fleeces, sweaters, or sweatshirts must be solid in color. No hoods.
• Boys will wear pants (or shorts at the knee) that are black, gray, khaki, or navy blue. Pants must be worn at the waist. Ties for boys are permitted if worn with a solid, collared dress shirt.
• Girls may wear black, gray, khaki or navy-blue jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts or pants that are one inch above the knee or longer. Low-rise pants and skin-tight pants are not permitted. Leggings are only acceptable under a skirt or dress that is one inch above the knee.
• Dress shoes or tennis shoes may be worn and tied if applicable.
• Socks or tights must be always worn.
• Girls may wear light make-up in grades 6 and above. No glitter.
• One watch, one necklace, one bracelet and one ring per arm/hand in grades 2nd and up. Kindergarten through 1st, no necklaces, bracelets, or rings.
• Students may wear Landmark Academy logo attire on FRIDAYS ONLY! –They can wear this on Friday without a collar underneath.
• Administration may alter the dress code at their discretion if they believe the learning environment is adversely impacted.


• Anything that is a distraction and/or could prevent learning from taking place.
• Exposed body piercing except for earlobes.
• No sculptured/carved hairstyles (letters, signs, mohawks etc.).
• No off-colored hair (green, orange, purple, bright red etc.).
• No chains, dog collars, spikes, etc.
• No hats, visors, bandanas, or sunglasses in the building.
• No pocket cargo pants, sagging/bagging of pants, or pants of excessive length and fit.
• No open-toe shoes, flip flops. slippers, or Heelies (Shoes with wheels)
• No Temporary/permanent tattoos.
• No jeans of any type, wind pants, athletic pants, sweatpants, pants made of nylon, leather, army-wear, mesh, denim, or pants having a jean style appearance.
• No ripped or torn clothing-even if it is made this way.
• No stripes on pants, sleeves, or across shirts.
• No jackets or hoodies are to be worn in class.
• No short, midriff tops, blouses, belly shirts, or shirts that cannot be tucked in.
• No sleeveless shirts or tank tops.
• No shirts worn wrapped around the waist.
• No Low-rise or skin-tight pants.
• No Gang and gang-related symbols, colors, clothing, emblems, etc.


Girls: leggings, tights, shorts, sweatpants, or pants are recommended for girls to wear under their skirts (if appropriate) on gym days. Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.

Boys: Sweatpants, shorts, or a different pair of pants may be worn during gym class.

Shoes: Tennis shoes must be worn for gym.

No foul or objectionable attire.


Students will be allowed to wear denim jeans, athletic pants, or sweatpants on Friday if they comply with all dress code policies Monday through Thursday. All shirts on ‘Jean Day’ must be Landmark Academy logo attire (including Landmark hoodies) or a dress code shirt. Attire must be neat and clean. Sandals are allowed; however, no flip-flops. Socks are required for safety reasons. If students do not participate in Jean Day, they must follow the daily dress code

The cost to participate will be a $1.00 paid each Friday morning to the classroom/homeroom teacher. Parents may choose to pay for jean days in advance to receive a discounted rate. Payments received by the first week of school, for the entire year, will be discounted approximately 20%, to $25.00. If a student has prepaid for the semester or year and does not follow dress code policy Monday through Thursday, the money that has been prepaid will not be refunded and the student will not be allowed to participate in Jean Day.

Landmark Dress Code Child in Polo Shirt