Virtual Learning

Landmark Academy’s Online Learning Program

How to enroll your child in online learning

If your child is a current student at Landmark Academy, please contact Mr. Jeff Glombowski, our coordinator to get started. He can be reached by email here.

If your child is not yet a student at Landmark Academy, please begin the enrollment process by clicking here.


Mr. Jeff Glombowski


Landmark Academy’s Online K-12 Learning program offers your students the opportunity for a unique distanced form of Education. The virtual program we offer is completely on an online platform – Accerate Learning (K-5)/Edmentum (6-12).  All the learning, assignments and assessments for classes are through that platform. All the work would be done at home online.

The only time the student would come to the school is:

1. To set up the program in the fall to ensure they know how to login and communicate with the teacher.
2. For direct tutoring (if needed)
They may also have to come to the school for State testing (MSTEP) one or two days in the spring.

Our online program is the direct teacher for the students. We offer support for our students through our certified teachers at the school. They can get assistance from our staff when it is needed. Grading is done by our program coordinator. The workload is the same number of classes that they have at school. Each student works through their assignments at a different rate. The students do take a pretest at the beginning of the unit and then only work on the learning targets that they do not pass on the pretest. Students can come back into the classroom setting if you choose this option. The easiest times to do this would be at the beginning of a new term due to grading.

Students who are full time students can participate in any Landmark Academy sport or club.

If you would like more information or to discuss this further contact Mr. Jeff Glombowski: Mrs. Wilton at