The Educational Program

Landmark Academy utilizes researched based instructional strategies to guarantee student learning and delivers curriculum through a learning styles approach. All teaching staff are trained in the Landmark Academy Classroom Model. One component of this model is a learning styles inventory. The information gathered generates individual profiles for staff to enhance their lesson plans and promote student engagement.

Research Based Instructional Strategies and Practices

Character Education
Guided Reading
Landmark Academy Classroom Model
Kagan Structures
Parent Involvement
Professional Learning Communities
Costa’s Levels of Questions

Landmark Academy Educational Model

Elementary Education

Elementary School Interventions
At the elementary level, students are divided into groups based on data that displays below level, on level and above level in ELA and Math. Teaching staff work together to differentiate instruction.

What I Need (WIN) time – A 40 minute daily period of reading instruction.
Target Time – A 40 minute daily period of math instruction.
Read at home plan for Student Success

Middle and High School Education

Middle and High School Interventions
At the middle and high school levels, students are assigned weekly to Seminar, Support or Recovery; this is a 30-minute period of their school day.

Seminar is designed to be individual student work time.
Support is scheduled time to assist students with incomplete assignments.
Recovery is a time for General Education teachers to re-teach learning targets/objectives that have been taught but not mastered.

Personal Curriculum Links

Personal Curriculum – School Code
Michigan Merit Curriculum Changes

Special Education teachers may also work with students during this 30-minute period.

The Title I Coordinator screens students (as needed) and coordinates any services needed for ELL students.

Title I and Section 31a staff members coordinate their services to offer additional teaching and learning time to students that are significantly below grade level in order to accelerate their learning.

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